Designer Con 2016

We are ready! so ready, that we can't wait to be part of this cool convention!!

For those of you in the LA area, Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that was created to bring together artists, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the vinyl to collectible figures market.  The show has grown from a small meeting room to a large exhibition hall including 300 vendors, art and custom shows, live demonstrations, and more. 

Designer Con’s vendors offer urban, underground, pop art, custom shows, and live demonstrations. 

It will be our first year in the convention with Chamacorp so expect surprises, especial editions and the raffle of a sling (or maybe 2?).

We will be located on booth 1601 with The Beast Brothers and Bubblegum Crew, can't wait to see you guys there!! All the info can be found at

What: Designer Con 2016

When: November 19 & 20

Where: Pasadena Convention Center, booth 1601

Special thanks!

We couldn't feel happier and more excited for all the support we've received since Carlos first came up with the idea for CHAMACORP. As dog owners, we are tired of ugly and cheesy apparel that do not represent our own personal taste, and can we talk about pricing? Chamaco wouldn't care if the tee he's wearing was worth a lot of Dlls, but we do! And again, it all resumes to design.

We are committed to bring you good quality goods, with good design, and at the best price posible, we care about our dogs and our costumers. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU <3 for loving what we do, loving your dog, and our Chamaco. 

All this comes from our hearts and has our souls in it, so please enjoy the products, they are made for YOU.

Daniela & Carlos